Gentemstick Barracuda HP Snowboard 2020

Gentemstick Barracuda HP Snowboard 2020

$1,129.49 $1,254.99
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Product Details

A slimmer version of the Barracuda, Gentemstick's most versatile Fish. The smooth curve of nose rocker and acceleration camber, the shallow swallow-tail and the right amount of taper bridges the gaps between powder, groomers and everything in between. A perfect mid-length board that suits riders who were feeling that the regular Barracuda was a little too wide for their size. Gentemstick believes it is important for boards to have a variety, not only in the length, but also in their width. The length mainly influences the board's swing-weight, where the width and taper directly affects the edge-to-edge and the overall controllability of a board.

 Size (cm) 

 Tip Width (mm) 

 Waist Width (mm) 

 Tail Width (mm) 

 Radius (mm) 

158.7 324 270 286 9000

Gentemstick Barracuda HP Snowboard 2020

  • Season:Winter 2020
  • Gender:Mens
  • Rider Skill:Advanced
  • Terrain Type:All Mountain / Powder
  • Camber:Camber-Rocker
  • Sale:10% Off