Gentemstick Barracuda Snowboard 2020

Gentemstick Barracuda Snowboard 2020

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Product Details

Gentemstick has been pursuing various shapes potentiality in the past. Perfected the precision of the flat camber system, created the acceleration camber system as well as researched possibilities of length and width combinations.

Super short boards have been our focus for the last few years and now we are infusing all the know-how we earned into the most important 150s length shapes. The subtle taper and the shallow swallowtail are the key designs to this allround fish that will perform in all possible conditions.

 Size (cm) 

 Tip Width (mm) 

 Waist Width (mm) 

 Tail Width (mm) 

 Radius (mm) 

158.6 344 287 302 9000

    Advanced Skill Level
    Terrain Type Powder
    Camber Rocker Board

Gentemstick Barracuda Snowboard 2020

  • Season:Winter 2020
  • Gender:Mens
  • Rider Skill:Advanced
  • Terrain Type:Powder
  • Camber:Camber-Rocker