Gentemstick Fly Fisk Snowboard 2020

Gentemstick Fly Fisk Snowboard 2020

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Product Details

Mads Jonsson Pro Model. The big board for shredding aggressive lines and airs all around the mountain.

The ample waist width allows big foot riders to experience another level of carving performance. Although short, the innovative diamond tail design and rocker allows switch landing whether in deep pow or parks. It is the dream board for the big size rider that likes to stomp freestyle maneuvers in big mountain slopes.

 Size (cm) 

 Tip Width (mm) 

 Waist Width (mm) 

 Tail Width (mm) 

 Radius (mm) 

164 344 287 302 9000

    Advanced Skill Level
    Terrain Type Sorta All Mountain Sorta Powder
    Camber Rocker Board

Gentemstick Fly Fisk Snowboard 2020

  • Season:Winter 2020
  • Gender:Mens
  • Rider Skill:Advanced
  • Terrain Type:All Mountain / Powder
  • Camber:Camber-Rocker