Gentemstick Mantaray Snowboard 2020

Gentemstick Mantaray Snowboard 2020

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Product Details

The outline, very distinctive and unforgettable, big square nose and halfmoon tail, max. width of 312mm, 258mm waist and 1540mm long. Also featuring a new camber system, a new bottom system and an extremely resistless rocker shape.

Feeling the surface of the snow under the plantar arch, once on a 3D terrain, it swims on the snow like a dolphin let loose in the ocean. Let the nose sink for a bit, then use the whole base surface to ollie out from the Pow. Lock the tail in while sliding the board sideways, and drop the nose into the fall line. Stretch out your ankles and grind the lip. It will move in any direction you want it to. This board focuses more to the sensory speed than the actual speed.

 Size (cm) 

 Tip Width (mm) 

 Waist Width (mm) 

 Tail Width (mm) 

 Radius (mm) 

154 312 258 290 7150

Gentemstick Mantaray Snowboard 2020

  • Season:Winter 2020
  • Gender:Mens
  • Rider Skill:Advanced
  • Terrain Type:All Mountain / Powder
  • Camber:Camber
  • Sale:10% Off