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Contest – Win a Quiver Series snowboard

We think that it’s way more fun to have more than one snowboard so we teamed up with Nitro to give away their Quiver Series. Each week we will be giving away a board from the Quiver Series so follow our Instagram page for more details on how you could win. Best of luck!

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Quiver Series by Bryan & Austin

Functional unique shapes to provide you with a better experience for those powder days at home, early morning groomers, banked slalom events, or just ripping the backside of your favourite mountain destination. The seventh season of the Nitro Quiver Series is one for the books with new sizes and models: the 203cm Quiver Cannon, the Banker, and the Fintwin. Tommy Delago, founder of Nitro snowboards teamed up with Bryan Fox and Austin Smith once again to shake things up – They decided to create a Quiver Series that offers a board shape, flex, sidecut for every fun type of snowboarding, while they all tie together with a simple graphic created by Bryan Fox and Austin Smith to allow you to keep these boards in your own personal quiver for years to come. The purpose and goal of the Quiver Series is to provide a more fun and exciting ride during a powder day, banked slalom event, or any other day thasn the ride your standard all-mountain or freestyle board can offer. Snowboarding is all about having fun and that is exactly what the Quiver Series has been about since day one.

Experience powder surfing  

The OG stubby Pow surfer is a staple in our Quiver series for good reason - the reinvented pow surfer offers unstoppable float and a surf like quickness to any type of terrain, without hurting your wallet.

When something works, don't change it to say you upgraded it, change it to make it affordable and ride pow with it. This OG stubby, fat, and highly Tapered Swallowtail powder board has been a staple of the Nitro Quiver line for years for good reason. The TRÜE Camber allows you to maneuver quickly through the tightest of trees and the wide nose keeps you floating no matter how big the cliff or how flat the run out is. Guaranteed the most fun you will have riding powder no matter the terrain.


Shaped for pow, equipped for carving

Find your next powder slash under the chairlift or in the side country with this pin tailed beauty, but don't worry: the 3D Balsa Core will keep you smiling while carving when there are only groomers available. The perfect board for powder days, but also for daily cruising.

The Quiver Slash snowboard is influenced by the classic pintail surfing shape, we continue our third season of this snow surf board, with a 3D contoured shape, and reinforced edge and insert areas for added support and durability. The 3D machined Balsa Core creates a durable lightweight surf like feel when you are navigating you way down untracked pow fields or carving up the groomers, while the Cam-Out Camber and Tapered Directional Shape provide the stability you need for tricky situations and maneuverability you want for navigating the trees.


Bigger is even better

The Quiver Cannon is now offered in two sizes: the tried and true 173cm and the new big boy 203cm. Both sizes ride smaller than they actually are, but provide an insane buoyancy, speed, turning radius and big boy charge.

The Cannon has become a staple in the Quiver series with its iconic shape and ability to charge, glide, and carve up the mountain. The two sizes 173cm and 203cm are offered to give you the option of going all out or going all the way out! The long but versatile 173cm length makes the board a powerhouse on and off the pist, while the 203cm length offers that extra wow factor in the line, up the chair, and down the wide open bowls from the Swiss Alps to the Rocky Mountains. The Shape and Cam-Out Camber provides the stability and float you need from steep groomers to untouched AK lines


A timeless shape offering endless possibilities

This classic all-mountain shaped direction snowboard has become a staple in the Quiver Series and in our team riders quiver, because of its versatile directional shape and flex for riding pow or ripping up the park in style. This is the most versatile directional shaped Quiver stick.

The Fusion has become a staple in the Quiver series because it has become Bryan, Austin, and the rest of the Nitro teams go-to All-Mountain directional tapered shaped snowboard this past winter. The classic tapered shape offers the float and maneuverability needed for pow days at Mt. Baker, filming 900s in the Whistler backcountry, or quick laps in the trees at your local resort. The Fusion´s Mid-Wide Width, Cam-Out Camber, and stiffer All-Terrain flex off the support and response you want from a classical backcountry bad ass shred stick! The old school shape offers old school power, while the Reflex Core and Powercore II keep the board agile and responsive in all the right ways. The Fusion has a timeless shape, with state-of-the-art components, that will offer you endless possibilities!


Engineered for speed

Clear your shelf because the Banker was engineered to bring home some hardware. The new Quiver Banker´s shape, sintered base, and responsive core, will help you fly through banked turns with ease and power, making it the fastest board in the Quiver Series.

The new Quiver Banker Snowboard was specifically designed to go fast in and out of banked slaloms no matter what mountain range you find yourself racing in. For years Bryan and Austin have wanted a board that will be their go to banked slalom board and this is what we have engineered - a board so powerful and fast you will need a strap for your hat. The Directional and Mid-Wide shape will allow you to really lay into those turns, while the Trüe Camber and Sintered Speed Formula II Base will provide you with speed and power right out of the gates. If you are looking for a everyday all-mountain speed machine with a passion for banks slaloms than the Banker was designed to help you go faster than you have ever imagined!


Shorter, wider, better

This new FinTwin tapered fish snowboard was designed to allow every type of snowboarder to go deeper into the woods, navigate the tightest of trees, and slash pow all over the mountain with style and ease.

The FinTwin in surfing means a surfboard with two fins and no center fin allow you to go from rail to rail easily, the Quiver FinTwin has two elongated swallow tail fins allowing the slash-happy snow surfer to really hold an edge when slicing through a fresh pow face either on your toe side or heel side providing a similar surf feel. The Cam-Out Camber and Sintered Speed Formula II Base will provide you with the snap and speed you need for getting more slashes in on your way down the mountain, while the Mid-Wide shape and Progressive sidecut will allow you to rip turns on the fresh groomers as well. This new addition to the quiver series offers a versatile short and wide shape that allows for quick turns and epic float for men, women, boys, girls, grandpas, grandmas, dads, mammas, pros, and bros!


BigPINK - The Cannon 203cm