The Native Shoes Remix Project

Posted on July 26, 2019 at 10:48 PM

The Native Shoes Remix Project.

Given the trend of recycling and reusing to keep our used goods out the landfill or even worse, from ending up in the ocean, it is not surprising to see a lot more companies doing their part to manage the life cycle of their product. Native Shoes is one of them and they came up with a pretty cool way to re-purpose their used footwear.

The Native Shoes Remix Project is an initiative aimed at ensuring that none of their products end up being thrown out once their initial purpose has been fulfilled. Because let’s face it, no footwear last forever, and besides being tied up together to be hung over electrical wires in the back alley, when shoes are done, they usually turn into garbage. With the Native Shoes Remix Project, when returned, all their old shoes, sandals, slip-ons, sneakers, and boots are turned into playground mats, seating, insulation, and more.

It is the distinctive composition of the Native shoes that allows them to be reground and turned into loads of versatile materials. Along with creating projects across the community, this is a great way to give a second life to a product that would otherwise end up buried in a landfill. Their main objective is to have 100% of the Native Shoes’ life cycle’s managed by 2023; meaning that if everyone who buys their product brings them back once they are done with it, together we can all support an environmentally sustainable path towards a cleaner future. Very ambitious you might say, indeed, but on a smaller scale, their current goal is to have 30 thousand shoes recycled by December 31st, 2019, for which they have now achieved 15% of said goal. So let’s keep it up!

At first glance, 15% is perhaps not much considering that we are now approaching the end of July, but we still have five months to go. It might be that the Native Shoes actually last longer than anticipated (which would be a great problem to have), but if the reason is that people aren’t aware of the initiative, or simply don’t know where they can return their used Native footwear, then it is up to all of us who care to get the word out.

This isn’t one of those chain letters, where I’ll try to seek support by telling you: ”Share this message to five of your friends or you’ll get an ingrown toenail”, but I’m not saying it won’t happen if you don’t!

Here’s a link to the homepage of their Native Shoes Remix Project with the list of drop-off locations in greater Vancouver and the rest of Canada:

Please note that we also have a bin at our Pacific Boarder location in Kits. So next time you are in the hood you can come drop off your old stinkies and help build playgrounds all over the place!

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