Do you wanna win a Surfboard?

Dive into the Pacific Boarder World Surf League Fantasy Pool, and test your wits against other surf fans. Enter the pool for $20 and stand a chance to win some incredible prizes sponsored by your favourite surf brands.

Each round's champion will ride away with a fantastic prize pack, courtesy of our surf brands. The finale first place champion will win a surfboard! Our second runner up will win a wetsuit, and the third place prize is a $300 voucher for Pacific Boarder.

Here's how it works: once you pay your $20 entry by purchasing the product below, you'll receive an exclusive access code to join our league.

Each player is responsible for setting their athlete lineups before every competition. So pay attention! The competition itself takes place on the WSL app, and we're here to do the wave-watching, monitor the rankings, and announce the champions of our pool.

Scroll to the bottom for all the rules! May the best surfer win

Surf league Rules

How do I Select Surfers for my Fantasy Team?

Your fantasy team consists of eight male surfers and four female surfers. Understand the tier-based organization of surfers according to their Championship Tour rankings. Learn the limits on the number of surfers you can pick from each tier for both men and women.

How does the Tier System Work for Men's and Women's Surfers?

Surfers are categorized into "Tiers" according to their existing rankings on the Championship Tour. The selection of surfers is restricted to a specific allocation from each tier, specified below:


Tier A: Pick 2 surfers
Tier B: Pick 4 surfers
Tier C: Pick 2 surfers


Tier A: Pick 1 surfer
Tier B: Pick 2 surfers
Tier C: Pick 1 surfer

As the surfers’ rankings evolve over the course of the season, so do the Tiers. The surfers available in each Tier will change as they move up and down the rankings, so make sure you pick a new team for each event.

After the Mid-season Cut (Event 6), fantasy tiers will shrink for Men’s from 8-16-12 to 6-12-6 and for Women’s from 3-9-6 to 3-6-3.

What is the Scoring System Based on?

The surfers on your team score points based on their performance in each event. Their real heat scores count directly as points for your fantasy team. For example, if a surfer on your team scores 15.05 in a heat, you’ll get 15.05 fantasy points.

Your total score for each event is the combined scores of all individual surfers on your team. You win by earning the most total points over the course of the season.

After the Mid-season Cut, surfers who win their Opening Round heat and bypass the Elimination Round will receive the highest point total of the Elimination Round for their heat score.

How does the Power Surfers Feature Work?

Each event, select one male and one female surfer on your team to earn double the points for an entire event. For that entire event, the fantasy points you receive from your Power Surfers will be two times their total heat scores.

After picking your team, simply select your Power Surfers by hitting the lightning icon on the right side of the selection button. You can select new Power Surfers for every event.

What are the Team Lock Deadlines?

Prior to the mid-season cut (Event 5), teams DO NOT lock at the very start of each event. The first two rounds, called the Opening Round and Elimination Round, for all events will not count towards fantasy total. Prior to the midseason cut, your team will start scoring points in the Men’s Round of 32, and Women’s Round of 16.

Your team only locks after the Elimination Round, so you have the ability to select new surfers and designate new Power Surfers until that point.

You are able to pick your team for the following event immediately after the conclusion of the current event.

After the Mid-season Cut, teams will lock and scoring will begin upon the start of the event (Opening Round), instead of the end of the Elimination Round.

What is a League?

Leagues enable groups of players to pit their teams against each other and compete for the top spot on the league leaderboard. Commissioners have the ability to create both Public and Private leagues.

Public leagues allow you to take on the world and compete against surfing fans across the globe. Anyone can enter a Public league.

Private leagues are password protected and allow you to compete against your friends and family.

Private leagues have an added League Chat feature. Commissioners have moderator control, meaning any Team Managers that aren’t playing well with others can get ejected from the league chat.

How does Progressive Scoring work?

As the season progresses, your team’s Total Points from each event will be multiplied by an increasing factor. The multipliers will increase by 10 percentage points from event to event.

This system represents the increasing importance of each event on the Championship Tour. As the season moves forward, each event gets more and more crucial for the surfers on tour, and that is now reflected in our fantasy game. It also allows teams created after the start of the season to still compete towards winning their league.

What happens if a Surfer gets injured?

If a surfer on your team is injured during heat, your team will still receive any points they earned for their heat score.

If a surfer on your team is injured outside of competition and withdraws from their heat, your team will receive 0.00 points for the next heat they were supposed to surf. The advancing surfer will receive 10.00 points plus any applicable event multiplier for the uncontested heat.

If a surfer wins a heat due to the opponent’s withdrawal prior to heat start, then the winning surfer is awarded 10.00 points.

What about Leaderboards?

Every team participating in fantasy, regardless of league, will be included in the overall Leaderboard. The scores for each team will reflect the cumulative total of all events that team has participated in.

In addition to the overall Leaderboard, each league will have its own leaderboard. Each team’s point total will be based on when the league was created. If a league was created after Event 3, for example, then points will reflect all events played for Event 3 and after.

How is the final formatted?

As the deciding event on the Championship Tour, The WSL Finals has a format different from all other events. The field is cut down to the top five male and five female surfers in the rankings and four head-to-head heats decide the World Champion. The WSL Finals Format is as follows:

Heat 1: World #5 vs World #4
Heat 2: Winner of Heat 1 vs World #3
Heat 3: Winner of Heat 2 vs World #2
Heat 4: Winner of Heat 3 vs World #1

The fantasy format for the WSL Finals will be a modified bracket challenge, with scoring based on the correct number of heat picks.

The WSL Finals Fantasy game creates new points and leaderboards separate from the 10-event regular season points and leaderboards. You will receive a new set of points and see a new leaderboard for WSL Finals Fantasy.

Visit the Scoring Rules on the WSL Finals Fantasy page for more details.