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Jones Men's Meteorite Surf Series Snowboard Bindings 2024 Black



Gender: Men
Season: Winter 2024

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The Jones Men's Meteorite Surf Series Snowboard Bindings for 2024 are built for riders who crave stability and comfort with a medium-soft flex. Notably, they feature a 3-degree canted footbed for enhanced knee articulation during turns and SKATETECH technology for efficient energy transfer to your board edges. The NOW Skate Tech system, Hanger 2.0, and the nylon-reinforced post ensure optimal board control, reduced foot fatigue, and even board flex. With a flushcup option for deep powder days and customizable modes (Surf and Freeride), these bindings cater to various riding styles. Additional features include tool-less strap adjustment, bombproof asymmetrical buckles, 3D Flex Fit toe straps, and a dynamic flex highback for responsive and playful performance on the slopes. Compatible with various mounting systems, these bindings are a versatile choice for snow sports enthusiasts.

Skate Tech The NOW Skate Tech system works like a skateboard truck and enhances board control + reduces foot fatigue by transferring energy input directly from the binding to the board edges through a dynamic design.
Hanger 2.0 Hanger pivots on the Kingpin like a lever allowing lightning fast edge-to-edge energy transfer. True baseless design that delivers the most even board flex of any binding on the market. Nylon reinforced with 30% fiberglass
Nylon, recycled carbon post The Post attaches the hanger to the kingpin and is the connection between binding and board. Made from nylon and recycled carbon, the post is super light and durable.
Flushcup technology Free your feet and and feel true surf vibes by riding without a highback on the super deep powder days.
Universal Mounting Disk NEW All Jones bindings include a mounting disc compatible with traditional 4x4 inserts, 2x4, and the EST/Channel mounting system.
Surf Cant foot pillow The Surf Cant Foot Pillow offers 3° of canting to help you unlock more turn power and drive your slashes deeper, harder and faster. Canting can also improve stance comfort by relieving pressure on your knees.
Soft Bushings This binding comes equipped with Soft Bushings (Surf Mode) for a looser, more dynamic surf feel.
Weight 868 gr (size M)
Asym buckles Bombproof buckles made from aircraft-grade alloy featuring ultra-strong levers and springs. Triple action ratchet design increases speed of entry and release.
Freeride mode / Surf mode ankle strap Jones bindings offer customizable dampening and response by switching between Surf Mode and Freeride Mode. Surf Mode lets you tweak harder, while Freeride Mode keeps you locked in for maximum response.
Tool-less strap adjustment Change strap length on the fly with just a flick and twist of your wrist.
Power Spine ankle strap NEW New two-part molded ankle strap with a wider bottom section for flexible comfort and a stiffer center spine for unmatched response. Flip-It Strap compatible (Freeride mode + Surf mode).
3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps 3D Flex Fit 2.0 toe straps dynamically stretch to fit any shape boot. The new minimalist design is even lower profile and every bit as comfortable, durable and responsive as the original design.
Hinge Connector strap attachment New Hinge Connectors keep your ankle strap out of the way when you step in to strap in, and the new Curved Ladders make it easy to line up the buckle and quickly ratchet down.
Dynamic Flex highback NEW Designed for playful response and flex. Mid-wide profile and friendly, ergonomic flex helps you turn, tweak and slash. Asym highback with small lateral side wing for added toe side turn power. Stiffer middle spine for solid turn performance. Thinner, flexible side edges to eliminate calf bite. Tool-less forward lean adjustment.

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